Beating the issues!

Here are many jobs that we worked on it, during our 25 years of experience on railroad track construction and improvement.
Transit work

We performed several tasks on the WMATA Projects, working as a Contractor employee and as a Consultant.
Since year 1996 we were involved on the construction of ten passenger stations, twelve miles of track, direct fixation and ballasted. Tunnels, cut and cover, aerial structures and bridges.

As a Railroad Contractors, for DART, we built 46 miles of double track, including 8 passenger stations, ballasted track, direct fixations, transition slabs, and bridges. The high temperatures of Dallas area were a permanent challenge to the construction.
Industrial Tracks

More than one hundred miles of track rehabilitation on West Texas and New Mexico, including cities, highways and rural crossing, with concrete panels, timber panels, crossing approaches and embedded track.

Construction of 65 miles of new track, using NTC (New Track Construction), technology, 120 road crossings and construction over timber, steel, concrete and pipe bridges, under and over highways, track curves, and cities, in a record time of 8 months, in South Texas, with big challenges on design and owner, sub-contractors coordination.




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